Industry Review of The hangman and the Butcher
Category IRB Review Score


Very cool. I like the way you play on the spaghetti country & western style. 7


Nice bit of whimsey. Very simple, but it somehow said a lot more to me than many longer songs have. 7

Arrangement &

I like the effects on the vocals, it gives an eerie vibe. Otherwise, very impressive work in the use of the 4-track almost as an additional instrument. 8

Lead Vocal:

Great for the style you are going for on this. The use of the effects really brings out a strong feeling which adds to the simplicity of the lyrics. 7


I love the use of the organ, and the heavy reverb on the country style guitar. It creates a mood that is playful, spooky and mysterious all at once. 7


Wonderful use of integrated styles and sounds to form a unique wholeness to the track. 9


This kind of music has a small niche, but has no chance at mainstream acceptance. It might do well for use in indi movies. 4

General Comments:

I really love this track. It will not sell well, but it will find a core audience that will be fanatical about it. Average Score