It was in the beautiful year of 1984, when two advocates of upright sounds (Little Helmuth und Mrs. Alugarts) met in a basement rehearsal room in Tuebingen, to dedicate themselves to a despised musical culture: The "Volksmusik"!
The both quickly composed a folksong and exercised another "classic" of the Volksmusik. The songs were recorded on a 2-track real-to-real and since then represent an authentic sound document of real, unfalsified Volksmusik.

1. ESSEN KOMMEN: (Come home for dinner!)
Little Helmuth - tenor horn, voice.
Mrs. Alugarts - elektric guitar, voice, beatbox
The Ghost of Wurtzenbach Cathedral (imported) - childrens' voices, zither, scary noises.
The song resembles the long way of a worker in the woods home for dinner. The friendly request of his beloved wife and the little children "Essen kommen" accelerates the pace of the honest man's tired feet. Will he arrive?

2. WARUM IST ES AM RHEIN SO SCHOEN? (Why is it so beautiful in the Rhine valley?)
Little Helmuth - Turkish trumpet, acoustic guitar, voice.
Mrs. Alugarts - elektronic organ, beatbox, voice.
A Greek musician - bozouki.
This classic of Volksmusik calls in question and never gives an answer. On the contrary it seems to lead to absolute madness! Allured by the harsh melodies out of the dark depths of the basement room a passing Greek musician felt himself urged to hurry home for his Bozouki. He enriches the more calm parts of this piece of music.

Through STRAGULA's efforts these two songs could rise from scary vaults and mouldy archives. The result is a mini-cd with 17 minutes of pure delight. For 5 Euro (inclusive postage) you can get hold of this devilish bungle:

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The mountains!

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