New Stragula release!
30. Aug. 2010, 2:06
Germany's best lo-fi, new wave, punk rock, surf & synth outfit Stragula has released yet another masterpiece -- a 9-track album titled "Viererbob" that I had the pleasure (thanks to Count Stragula) to preview. Possibly the greatest Stragula output as of yet -- two amazing covers of Johnny Cash ("Ring of Fire" is incredible), two rocking live numbers and further covers of Nancy Sinatra, Ween, the White Stripes, and even a brilliant remake of Finland's Eurovision entry "Hardrock Hallelujah".
Not entirely clear when this will be officially released, but I am sure it will show up on Stragula's page very soon! Or visit Stragula's homepage:
Be sure to check it out!
P.S. I've been on for over three years now and this is very my first journal posting ever -- so, the album is really THAT good! =)

Stragula: What gives you the creep?
Beautifully ridiculous and utterly hilarious Tarantinoesque psycho-surf track.. Coming on like doin' The Monster Mash with The Cramps on acid... Count Stragula is obviously more like a loungeing pantomime German lothario than an evil scary blood-suckin' vampire, which makes this even more laugh-out-loud funny lol..

"Somewhat creepy, somewhat clownish Indie tunes featuring reverb-drenched guitars, electronic drums, dry, goofy synths, and nasal vocals. Like a cavalcade over a desert landscape dotted with the dusty carcasses of reel-to-reel machines, warped cassettes and broken down synthesizers." (Reviewed by Doug R.)

Music: Very cool. I like the way you play on the spaghetti country & western style. Lyrics: Nice bit of whimsey. Very simple, but it somehow said a lot more to me than many longer songs have. Arrangement & Production: I like the effects on the vocals, it gives an eerie vibe. Otherwise, very impressive work in the use of the 4-track almost as an additional instrument. Lead Vocal: Great for the style you are going for on this. The use of the effects really brings out a strong feeling which adds to the simplicity of the lyrics. Musicianship: I love the use of the organ, and the heavy reverb on the country style guitar. It creates a mood that is playful, spooky and mysterious all at once. Originality: Wonderful use of integrated styles and sounds to form a unique wholeness to the track. Marketability: This kind of music has a small niche, but has no chance at mainstream acceptance. It might do well for use in indi movies. General Comments: I really love this track. It will not sell well, but it will find a core audience that will be fanatical about it. (Reviewed by Skippy)

Halloween Tunes:
"The Arrival of Cthulhu": Surrealistic melange of horror built around big choral choruses and nightmarish sounds. Darkly delicious.
eXistenZ boP:
"Driving fast": The Doors, the 13th Floor Elevaters resurected without permission. And this time it is...
Radio Free Interzone:
"What gives you the creep?": Hard Core Industrial at its finest. It's gotta be listened and savored NOW!
Noah's Favorite's Vol. 1:
"The Arrival of Cthulhu": This is definitely some of the most unique and interesting music i've ever heard,..i HAD to put this one on,..dreamy instrumental mish mash of euphoric goodness--compare to "milk cult".
Radio Conrad:
"What gives you the creep?": The person behind this is obviously unwell! This is brilliant, kind of like 60's style horror garage pop.
The Strange Hell Of Beauty:
"O Five": I had it stuck in my head for a week.
(-8 HAPPY LAND 8-) Trance Central:
"0-Five (May-Mix)": Dark yet Fruity. A definate 80s "Kraftwerk" vibe with perhaps a hint of "Propaganda" - A catchy little number.
Rebyte Artists:
"Aquarium": experimental indie/lo fi electronic blend.
"The Hangman and the Butcher": lofi indie electro bridge builders.
Gothabilly Tunes Of Horror:
"The Hangman and the Butcher": It's something you'll probably hear in a dive played by utter misfits for a crowd of real life freaks, straight out of a David Lynch movie. I would pick a bone with the vocals except that it actually enhances the far out mood of the tune. Horror rating: High